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City of Heroes icons

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All Members , Moderated
This community is for artists, enthusiasts, and heroes of Paragon City to show off their stuff.

Rules: you may post your icons, wallpapers, and screenshots here, provided they're hosted on your own server. When posting your material (do not post other people's work), be sure to also post whatever rules you have for use of your material.

The moderator of this community is aufheben, although he has no artistic talent of his own.
5th column, agent six, anti-matter, back alley brawler, banished pantheon, bastion, battle maiden, bile, biotechnix, black swan, blasters, blue steel, bobcat, calvin scott, carnival of souls, chimera, circle of thorns, city of heroes, clamor, clockwork, clockwork king, contaminated, controllers, cooke's electronics, council, countess crey, coven, crey industries, defenders, deimos innovations, devouring earth, diabolique, dominatrix, dr. quarterfield, dr. vahzilok, dreck, duray, envoy of shadow, ernesto hess, exarch industries, faathim the kind, family, fir bolg, freakshow, freedom corps, frostfire, future dynamics, giovanni scaldi, hamidon, hellions, hero corps, hopkins, hosten armitage, hydra, icon, icons, image inc, justin augustine, knives of artemis, lanaru the mad, luminary, madame of mystery, malaise, malta group, manticore, marauder, mark iv, minions of igneous, minx, moonfire, mother mayhem, ms. liberty, nemesis, neuron, nightstar, nosferatu, numina, orion labs, outcasts, pandora's box, paragon city, peacebringers, penny preston, portal corp, positron, praetoreans, ravenstorm, requiem, rikti, ruludak the strong, sara moore, scrappers, serafina, shadow shard, shadowhunter, siege, sister psyche, skulls, sky raiders, soldiers of rularuu, statesman, subgenetics, supergroups, superheroes, supervillains, swan, synapse, tabitha fabish, tanks, terra, the lost, trolls, tsoo, tyrant, vahzilok, valkyrie, vandal, vanessa de vore, void hunters, warriors, warshades, winter horde, woodsman